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Ion Magenta Hair Color

Looking for a new and exciting hair color? Look no further than Ion permanent brights creme hair color! With so many options available today, you're sure to find a first-rate color for you.

Brillance Brights 2 Tubes  Hair Semi Permanent Colors Magenta And Teal

Ion Color Brillance Brights 2

By Ion Color Brillance Brights


Brilliance Brights Semi-permanent Creme Hair Color 2.05oz Your Choice!





Ion Color Pigments



Cheap Ion Magenta Hair Color

If you're digging for a hair color that will never go out of style, then Ion color is the color for you! With its element of Magenta being combined with shades of greens and blues, Ion color is will give your hair that first-rate level of looks styles & tones, whether needing an one-time use color or every day color, this creme is sure to keep your hair searching young and beautiful. This 6 oz, product is an Ion color solution pigment in an abv beer. It is a valuable color for Magenta hair, it will add a little bit of life and color to your hair. This is a vibrant, bright Ion color for hair that is prime for an intense look of strength and brightness, it comes in 2. 05 ounces so it can be easily used, and it's permanent so you won't have to worry about it leaving your hair for example, this is a brand new and enticing condition hair color. Your hair will scouring brighter and more vibrant with this ionic color.