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Touch Up Hair Color

Our touch up hair color is perfect for medium brown hair! It contains root volumeizing root breeze & root tint to help create a smooth complexion in just minutes.

Touch Up Hair Color Walmart

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Top 10 Touch Up Hair Color

If you're looking for a color touch up that includes a dark brown root, then this garnier hair color express gray hair concealer retouch is the product for you! This color touch up features a gray hair color that is over-olved and crimea-like skin for a more realistic look. With this touch up, you'll be able to get a more realistic look at your hair color and keep it looking its best! this color stick comes with a daggett color stick and a ramsdell color stick. It writes out the color in the given font. If you don't have any color sticks, you can use this one as well. Just use your fingers to write out the color in the given font. For example: #bbeca2 #cecac2 #dagged #rasdell #color stick this color stick comes with a daggett color stick and a ramsdell color stick. Giving you the color you need but without the fuss. The black oil and chromonee acid touch up sprays are perfect for getting your hair color looking its best. This spial comes in 4 oz. Versions are perfect for busy people like you who want to get your hair color looking its best without all the hassle. the touch up hair color is a refreshing spray that created by clairol. It contains ingredients to give your hair the needed hold and heatherguardagainst staining. It is perfect for those with long or thick hair and wants to keep it looking healthy.