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1:1.5 Ratio Hair Color

If you're digging for a hair color that will make you and look perfect, try 1, 5 hair color. Our high quality and natural hair color provides you with the best results for your skin type.

Classic Hair Colors

Classic hair colors are best-in-class surrogate for admirers who ache to look their best, with a clean, smooth texture and a few light diffusors, these colors can do just that. Mon hair color classic 100 ml is a fun and natural color that will add a touch of excitement to your table, 5 Ratio hair color is a beautiful, golden brown. This color is practical for admirers who are searching for a brand-new look, with its 11. 5 Ratio hair color mixing ratio, mon hair color is sure to give you the look you're searching for, mon hair color is a top hair color for lovers who ache to have a smooth, high porosity hair color that is in line with current fashion and looks good. Mon hair color is a splendid color for people who covet to keep their hair wanting its best without breaking the bank, if you are scouring for a hair color that is in great harmony with your skin type and that is why your hair is an exceptional color, then this mon hair color is a top-notch Ratio for you! With its beneficial 11. 5 percent lightfastness, mon hair color is exquisite for your hair style and will give you the beautiful color you need to stand out in any situation.