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1b 30 Hair Color

This 4-pack of spetra fiber color 1b hair color is perfect for long, thick, or graying hair. It's easy to use and it can handle the demand for better hair color. With this set, you'll get everything you need to get the look you want andussist.

1b 30 Hair Color Walmart

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Cheap 1b 30 Hair Color

1b 30 hair color is a unique and trendy style, which is often used by women in the african diaspora. The color is derived from the growing of black hair, and is often feathered with yaki fibre. This hair color has eight hair extensions, each associated with a specific color, making for a perky and asking look. 1 pack most advanced synthetic wavy hair extensions are the best option for those looking for a tangled free style. They have a defined mohawk style and are granted with 18 colors. this is a sensual hair color that will turn your head to gold. With its bright red and purple colors, this color is sure to turn heads when you walk. Ensemble our human hair colors with satisfaction. our 100 human hair color league is for level 3 hair. Yaky wyg level 3 color is white with a subtlety 12 tone. The color is 1b 30 hair color. This hair color is for use with our yaky wyg level 3 color set.