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Chi Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color

Looking for a fresh and current hair color? Chi ionic permanent shine hair color ammonia is perfect for you! With this color, you can have the look that you want without having to worry about the color lasting too long. So why wait? Get your color today!

Chi Ionic Hair Color Chart

Chi is an orangey yellow color. It is best if it is brought in large steps, as it contains a lot of vibrant orange color. Left to take its own, chi can become a deep orange. Best if started young, when young, and then increased as needed.

Chi Ionic Hair Color

The chi ionic hair color is the perfect range of hair colors for those with chi-rich hair. It is a no-phod, permanent-shine hair color that is ammonium-free, and it amazon. looking for a new, fresh and chiionic hair color? look no further than the ammonia-ppd-free version of our popular chi ionic hair color. This product provides arbitrary ppd-free shine for your hair while you work on it. So, your hair will have the right level of shine throughout the day. looking for a hair color that will always look good and be effective? chi hair color is the perfect choice! With a 3 oz. Choice of the chi ionic permanent shine hair color and a 30 oz. Choice of the choose yours. Or developer, you can be sure that you're getting the best hair color available. So you can trust that it will last long and be really beautiful. It comes in 3oz and 30oz sizes.