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Kenra color permanent 5n light brownnatural is a 5-year-long line of natural color experiences. It includes a variety of 3-ounce lotts and is 5-inches tall. It is ideal for on-the-go or specialties items.

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This is a 12 pc. Package of wholesale hair color that includes the following: 1. Feather color 2. Flower color 3. Rhinestone hair clip 4. Pin brooch 5. Glitter hair clip 6. Pin glitter 7. Peak hair color 8. Bronzing hair color 9. Golden hair color 10. Boost hair color the color of your hair is your favorite, so why not choose a color that means as much to you as your hair does? our 12 pc. Package of wholesale hair color includes the following: 1. Flower color 3. Pin brooch 5. Pin glitter 7. Bronzing hair color 9. Boost hair color looking for a new color to wear to work? look no further than wholesale hair color! We offer 20 different options to choose from, all of which are perfect for any hair type. Whether you need a light brown, a dark brown, or a black hair color, we have you covered! Plus, our constantly updated selection of color options is always perfect for a change of up your look. So come on over and try some new hair colors! looking for a way to add some life to your long hair party? look no further than our high light clip in hair extensions. Our clip comes in two colors (sable or light blue) and is perfect for those who want to looking more colorful and modern. this is a great craft for those who want to add a little bit of orange and green to their hair color look! Just be sure to have plenty of hair on hand because you will be using a lot of them! The colors are best if delivered fresh from the garden, but if you have time for a little bit of delay, you can choose to do them yourself. the flowers are baked in a pie dish and then top with hair that has been then put on top in a different color. After the hair is taken off, the flowers are heated until the dye starts to solidify, and then the hair is pulled off and dried. There is a bit of a process involved in all of this, but the end result is a great hair color that will give you that final bright orange and green look.