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Periwinkle Hair Color

Introducing Periwinkle hair color, terrific for suitors who are always on the lookout for an unrivaled color, this color is semi permanent and will stay put, making it a popular alternative for fashion designers and hair color lovers.

Cruelty Free

Arctic Fox 4-oz / 8-oz

By Arctic Fox


- 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free  #periwinkle


By Lime Crime


Cloud Periwinkle Blue -tint

Periwinkle Hair Color Adore

Introducing Periwinkle hair color adore, a semi-permanent hair color that delivers on the intense, long-lasting color your customers crave, with an 100% vegan certified dye, arctic fox 4-oz / 8-oz semi-permanent vegan hair dye color is first-rate for an individual who wants to add a little bit of excitement to their look. If you're searching for a color that will be with you for a long time, adore semi permanent hair dye color is the color for you! Looking for a hair color that is fully vegan and also renders a top-rated Periwinkle color? Search no more than arctic fox semi-permanent hair color, this color is 100 vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it is safe for both men and women to use, and it takes only 8 fl oz. The joico color intensity collection is an outstanding substitute to add some new life to your Periwinkle hair, this set comes with 4 oz. Bottles of each color which can be used on clean hair or using hair products, the set comes with a sense of humor and Periwinkle color combinations that will make you admire Periwinkle even more. Looking for a hair color that is 100% vegan? Don't search more than the arctic fox - semi-permanent hair color - 100 vegan cruelty-free Periwinkle color, this color is top-grade for people with a green-green vision, as it is semi-permanent, meaning it will stay put whether you wear it or not.